by Hey Marseilles

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released November 15, 2011



all rights reserved


Hey Marseilles Seattle

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Track Name: Elegy

We would like to resign somewhere along a wide mountainside.
Sleep the street and sound of marching feet away or hide.

We’ll give up on this town, the people who fill the air with their sound.
Hear the noise of girls and boys abound. Rejoice.

I love you for your wit, not for the shit you spout in your dreams.
Brace the ground and love you finally found in me or leave.

The wind won’t wait to blow you down.
And leaves can change only so slow
So keep your legs on the concrete ground.
The truth to find is in what we don’t know.
Track Name: Cafe Lights
Café Lights

Hold your map upright so the clouds and coast align.
They’ve got old wars won, a bright brown sun, the crowds to sing alright.
The lion’s share can rest as we sit in café lights
In a neighborhood where all that should may or may not be right

Make your way back home again. I am here still.
These sideway streets are straight and true by strain and will.
Make your way back home again at a slow pace.
Promise me from sound to sea you’re mine always.

Untimely make your way to the tarmac baggage claim.
It’s all for naught if we forgot. I hope our hope’s the same.
Sing praise to stars aligned. Rejoice that love is blind.
To the end of days we’ll have to say you are the best I’ll find.


I am leaving harbor if you cannot remember.
Take me where you’re going in the light shade of December.
The plains I see are floating. The grains I see are growing.
Take me to the only place I see you’re going.